Rethinking the future of plastics’ is essential to protect our planet.  This global challenge is the responsibility of all to safeguard a sustainable future for the planet, and society as a whole. Designing products and packaging for recyclability to reduce plastics waste to converse the environment is a priority for governments, businesses and individuals alike.


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation report ‘The New Plastics Economy has developed a framework of which Charpak are advocates; and are committed to the responsible framework.  Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s methodology below illustrates the circular economy potential. The report arrives at three conclusions:


  • Without fundamental redesign and innovation, about 30% of plastic packaging will never be reused or recycled


  • For at least 20% of plastic packaging, reuse provides an economically attractive opportunity


  • With concerted efforts on design and after-use systems, recycling would be economically attractive for the remaining 50% of plastic packaging.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation was established in 2010 with the aim of accelerating the transition to the circular economy. Since its creation the charity has emerged as a global thought leader, establishing the circular economy on the agenda of decision makers across business, government and academia. It works with the support of its Knowledge Partners, its Global Partners, and its Core Philanthropic Funders.

The new plastics economy
SOURCE: New Plastics Economy initiative analysis
fundamental redesign and innovation for plastic plackaging
*Total is not the sum of separate categories due to overlap. SOURCE: New Plastics Economy initiative analysis


“Just imagine, if we can get to a recycle/reuse rate of 90% of all existing packaging and keep on doing it, think of how much of the world’s resources we are saving.”

Paul Smith, Managing Director, Charpak Ltd

As a business with sustainability and responsibility at its heart Charpak’s key two pillars are to:


Make the business live within the community, sustainably.


Create a localised, “circular economy driven business” to increase reuse and recycling.

OUR VISION for a Localised Circular Economy

Inspired by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Model the vision is to deliver a localised circular economy in Cambridgeshire.  Each partner has a critical role to play in each stage of the process to achieve this vision.


We aim to demonstrate what can be achieved on a localised circular economy model with collaboration across the value chain.


Our objective is to build a framework in Cambridgeshire, which is scalable – and can potentially be deployed in other regions throughout the UK.


This framework also is designed so partners can evolve and/or deploy a similar model for other materials (such as metal, board, paper etc).


The pilot initiative is in the development phase and being developed collaboratively with the Cambridgeshire local authority, waste contractor and reprocessor.

Charpak's localised circular economy
How we achieve this

smarter design requires

education and easy to understand labelling

  • Correct material
  • Correct weight
  • Recycled material
  • Recyclable/reusable
  • On Pack Messaging
  • This product is made from recycled plastics, please recycle


Design led product development and production

An innovative packaging solution has been developed by Charpak’s Technical and Engineering Team. The patented Twist-Loc container is manufactured from 75% recycled PET, including a minimum of 50% food grade recycled materials.


Twist-Loc is a durable rPET Thermoformed container designed for recyclability.  This lightweight packaging can be manufactured either as a fully wrapped or labelled product dependent upon client requirements.


Available in a variety of dimensions, and gauge, and easily stackable, it offers multiple re-use opportunities, for both consumer and industrial use.  At end of life as it is manufactured from a single polymer it is 100% recyclable in both industrial and household waste streams.


Twist-Loc is an new innovative packaging design which was developed as a solution to replace existing packaging which is injection moulded and manufactured from polypropylene.  Originally designed for the retail market its use is multi-faceted, such as for ambient, chilled or frozen food and also non-food products.


The unique tamper-proof functionality of Twist-Loc is integrated in the packaging, so removing the risk of micro-plastics being lost to the environment.  The security of products is protected in retail environments giving both retailers and consumers security in the knowledge products are pristine for purchase. The recyclable packaging with its tamper-proof mechanism also delivers a sustainable solution in the automotive and electronics and engineering markets where it can protect fragile component parts, high gloss parts, and sensitive electronics throughout the manufacturing process.

99.8% of our PET products contain food grade recycled plastics
Charpak twist-loc packaging on two shelves

Contact us to discuss your packaging needs. Charpak’s Technical Team, market experts and engineers are on hand to provide the highest quality and cost-effective recyclable packaging.