Our Environmental Commitments


Corporate responsibility and sustainability of packaging is core to our business. With plastics demand expected to double in the next 20 years Charpak is committed to delivering a SMART, realistic, co-ordinated and collaborative sustainable solution for our clients.

You can view our Environmental Policy here


  • All materials Charpak use are manufactured from either a recycled grade plastic, or are fully reusable or recyclable.


  • Charpak’s PET packaging contains 50% PCW (post consumer waste) and up to 40% PIW (post industrial waste).


  • We mark all manufactured products with the correct recycle / material code to aid the recycling process.


Charpak is committed to minimising the environmental impact of plastics and reducing plastics pollution.  As founder members of the UK Plastics Pact we are balance the requirements of our clients’ technical and functional requirements of their packaging for in-process manufacturing, transportation and in retail to minimise food waste.  Downgauging and lightweighting existing packaging, or replacing non-recyclable packaging materials is an integral part of the in-house design process.


  • As part of Charpak’s commitment to sustainability the company’s skeletal waste is granulated and taken for cleaning, re-processing and re-manufacture into new plastic sheets ready for manufacturing new products or new packaging. 


  • The company targets a zero waste policy. In 2017 over 99.2% of Charpak’s waste was recycled or reused.

Charpak manufacture products from:


Clear rPET

  • Charpak’s Clear rPET packaging contains 50% PCW (post consumer waste) and up to 40% PIW (post industrial waste)
  • Charpak reprocesses it’s scrap back into material we purchase from our supply chain
  • Clear rPET is widely recycled


Black rPET

  • Contains 50% PCW (post consumer waste) and up to 40% PIW (post industrial waste)
  • Charpak has a closed-loop system to ensure our waste goes back into our products
  • Black rPET, whilst technically recyclable, is not widely recycled in the current UK waste and resource infrastructure


Coloured PET (excluding black)

  • Widely recycled and will nearly always be the basis of the post consumer waste in black rPET
  • Coloured plastics are most frequently referred to as ‘jazz’.  Coloured PET can be considered as an alternative to black for presentation of food and non-food items if clear PET is not the most suitable for use.



  • The industry is actively working to ensure that more CPET is recycled back into our products



  • Our products contain around 10% in-process recyclate material
  • PP is recyclable, however, the UK does not currently have a way of recycling PP into food grade approved packaging.  The most common reuse for PP is commercial and industrial markets.


Charpak already achieve the following:

99.8% of our PET packaging contains a minimum of 70% food grade recycled plastic
PVC free by end of 2018
Closed loop recycling scheme
Sales team cars are plug-in hybrids
Our Black rPEt contains a minmum of 70% Food Grade Recycled Plastic
All out internal plastics are recycled into future packaging
All our outer packaging is produced from FSC board

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