Automotive and Advanced Engineering

Charpak is the UK-based centre of excellence for the Automotive, Advanced Engineering and High-Performance Engineering industries.  We oil the supply chains with clever, time-saving packaging answers for critical and fragile parts.


Suitable for components from electronics to high-gloss trim and bearings to battery modules our durable, lightweight bespoke packaging is designed and manufactured within the UK ensuring delivery is achieved for just-in-time and sequenced production.  Tailored solutions increase production efficiencies throughout the multi-tier complex supply chain and deliver significant cost savings.


UK based, Charpak technical design, development and manufacturing capabilities deliver intelligent and precision-engineered production aids for robotic automated lines, in line with industry 4.0.


  • Reducing damage, spoilage and minimising product reworks
  • Reducing or eliminating unnecessary waste and costs
  • Minimising handling to enable faster production and faster changeover times


Charpak is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and BRC quality accredited meeting the most stringest OEM and international standards.


Charpak packaging contains up to 90% recycled material. 


Our combined expertise in the automotive industry spans Tier 3, Tier 2 and Tier 1 into OEMs.  We offer comprehensive manufacturing support at each stage of the process.  Other benefits from Charpak packaging solutions include meeting Automotive Sustainability targets.  Our solutions reduce environmental impact, offer improvements in CO2 emissions, use less water resource and reduce organisations’ overall carbon emissions and carbon footprint.

recycled protective packaging for automotive high gloss parts
Twist-Loc tamper proof protection for automotive component parts
Dunnage stillage packing for automotive parts
Lightweight bespoke packaging drives manufacturing efficiency

Charpak lightweight, bespoke packaging reduces costs and drives manufacturing efficiencies. We design and develop packaging which reduces manual handling at each stage of the manufacturing and in-transit process. We use less water and energy resources to manufacture our packaging and develop tailor-made solutions for each client.


Our bespoke designs, and in-house manufactured, precision-engineered protective, returnable and recyclable packaging protects against corrosion, scratch and moisture damage.   


  • Superior lightweight packaging protects fragile and critical component parts
  • High quality corrosion resistant and anti-scratch proof
  • Customised packaging improves pick and place
  • Stackable trays maximise component part capacity within existing outer packaging
  • Recyclable, returnable or closed-loop solutions replace expendable packaging
  • Packaging is delivered with full traceability
  • Fragile sub-assemblies can be carefully protected against transport and production line damage, reducing reject rates


Charpak speeds up sub-assembly, working with robotic automation lines to improve overall efficiency, minimising line time and improving profitability.  Packaging solutions are designed to easily integrate into existing supply chain and production processes. 


We provide you with solutions that deliver sustainability, cleanliness and precision-manufactured accuracy benefits.

Assembly packaging for automotive parts
Automated assembly line protective packaging
Automotive component protective packaging
Charpak made from recycled plastic

Charpak leads the automotive world in increasing supply chain sustainability

Every automotive packaging solution engineered by Charpak carries the recycling logo; and Charpak are actively advising major global manufacturers on developing closed loop recycling programmes.  The No1 recommendation for the automotive supply chain, throughout all tiers is to:


  • Significantly reduce the use of non-recyclable products.  This includes polystyrene, laminated cardboard, bubblewrap and foam.
  • Where technical and functional requirements allow, replace with bespoke rPET recycled plastic packaging.


With every new innovation we are committed to minimising environmental impact. We design and manufacture returnable, recyclable and closed-loop packaging.

Charpak Six Sigma Process


Our precision-engineered thermoformed packaging is delivered with the revolutionary level of environmental sustainability you expect from us.

Charpak automotive circular packaging loop

Sustainable packaging that doesn’t cost the earth

Charpak Automotive Niall Johanson Cleanliness Accuracy Sustainability PMWE Cologne

Contact our technical experts, design engineers and packaging technologists on 01480 434 434 or to see how our award-winning team can help your business achieve its packaging and sustainability goals.