Convenience, Food to Go and Snacking

With modern day convenience and food-to-go an integrated part of modern life, the design and manufacture of food-to-go packaging must meet specific criteria for use, as well as looking fabulous to entice shoppers and stand-out on shelf.  Charpak’s range of convenience packaging includes savoury and sweet snack pots and containers, salad bowls and ready meal tubs and trays for ambient, chilled and frozen products.


  • Imaginative packaging solutions include Charpak’s impressive eat me keep me packs.
  • Custom designed, unique portion controlled single or multi-packs in a variety of materials.
  • Manufactured from food grade post-consumer waste recycled material all packaging is BRC AA food contact approved.


With more food being consumed out-of-home it must be easy to recycle either at home or on-the-go. Not only does Charpak’s custom-designed packaging differentiate your products on shelf with crystal clear visibility when the clear rPET is chosen it is manufactured from single polymer material and widely recycled throughout the UK.

ready meal packaging for retailers and manufacturers
cheese interior and exterior packaging

Ready Meals

For brands, and own-label manufacturers Charpak’s range of ready meal packaging delivers perfectly formed packaging for gourmet, luxury and premium meals.  Our design led product development stands apart from competitor products with our unique eat-me-keep-me pack designs, a comprehensive range of snap and keep packs, and portion controlled packs for chilled and frozen ready meals. 

The BRC Grade AA quality standards promise your ready meal packaging is perfectly functional, and perfectly formed to ensure your products look great, and stand out on shelf.

plastic packaging for Sushi
convenient plastic packaging

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