Chilled Fish & Shellfish

If you’re looking for the wow factor in sushi, seafood and shellfish product packaging, Charpak lead the way in exceptional design and manufacture of premium thermoformed packaging, all of which is grade BRC AA food contact approved.


Charpak’s imaginative and innovative creative design ideas will create standout for your premium fish, and added value shellfish.

luxury premium sushi food trays

With sushi packaging traditionally packaged in high gloss black plastic packaging base, and a high gloss clear rPET lid Charpak recommend designing and manufacturing sushi packaging in widely recycled packaging for both lids and bases in clear rPET, and in blue rPET packaging.  In addition to protecting the delicate sushi, the thermoformed packs hold the wasabi, soy sauce and additional accompaniments in place for perfect presentation on shelf in retail.  The clear rPET packaging is widely recycled throughout the UK.


Black rPET packaging for pots, tubs and trays is available for clients wishing to retain their premium black packaging.

recyclable food pots lids and containers
recyclable plastic pots lids and containers


The extensive range of seafood packaging includes fully recyclable straight-on-trays for chilled fish and shellfish ranges.  Choose from pots, tubs and trays with or without lids.  Packaging can be bespoke designed and manufactured to client specifications or choose from our standard product range.  Stackable solutions are also available.

Contact our technical experts, design engineers and packaging technologists on 01480 434 434 or to see how our award-winning team can help your business achieve its packaging and sustainability goals.

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