Over 99.5% of products are made from recycled plastics

Charpak design and manufacture rigid plastic packaging which are made from the below materials:


Clear rPET

  • Clear rPET plastic contains a minimum of 50% PCW (post consumer waste) and up to 25% in-process waste
  • Charpak reprocesses it’s scrap back into material we purchase from our supply chain
  • Clear rPET is widely recycled


Black rPET

  • Contains 50% PCW and up to 25% in-process waste
  • Charpak has a closed-loop system to ensure our waste goes back into our products
  • Black rPET, whilst recyclable, is not widely recycled due to UK infrastructure issues, widely reported in the media
  • As an industry (alongside retailers) we are actively devising a solution to this issue


Coloured PET (excluding black)

  • Widely recycled and will nearly always be the basis of the post consumer waste in black rPET



  • The industry is actively working to ensure that more CPET is recycled back into our products



  • Our product contains around 10% in-process recyclate material
  • PP is recyclable, however, the UK does not currently have a way of recycling PP into formings for food contact – the common reuse is commercial and industrial