Value Added Packaging

In the luxury gifting, premium beverages, and beauty and cosmetics sectors displaying products beautifully requires a high-end solution. For prestige gift packaging and added value packaging we guarantee the highest quality packaging.


  • We design and develop packaging which reduces manual handling during manufacture and co-packing.
  • We increase transportation and distribution efficiencies by optimising packaging size, and using lightweight materials
  • We use less water and energy resources to manufacture our packaging
  • We tailor-make bespoke solutions for every client.


Every packaging product is designed to showcase brands and premium products to their full potential.


We design and manufacture in the UK, and are known for lifting gifting above the ordinary. With exciting creative ideas and bespoke designs, our packaging design team and packaging technologists will create your extraordinary.

vac formed drinks packaging
Glenfiddich packaging with bottle and full glass
Glenfiddich bottle inside decorative packaging
charpak vac formed packaging

Our packaging protects your products during manufacture, co-packing, through global distribution and to retail presentation. Charpak design and manufacture packaging inserts for UK and Export.


  • UK responsibly sourced material is manufactured from up to 90% recycled plastic
  • We are focused on packaging minimisation and weight reduction 
  • Customised packaging reduces the risk of damage, breakage and spoilage


Tailor-made and bespoke designed packaging inserts range from full sized bottles with glasses, chocolates, jiggers and more value added packaging.

Jack Daniel's packaging with two glasses and ice, case and bottle
luxury gift packaging

Thermoformed moulded inserts increase supply chain efficiency.  The fully moulded inserts, custom-designed for every client, require less manual handling and folding and enable far faster co-packing and production.


A choice of materials is available including clear rPET lightweight packaging.  This can be colour matched to re-enforce brand positioning and colours.  PP, HIPs and flocked materials are available on request.

Gift Sets & Beauty Packaging

The luxury packaging range includes bespoke recyclable packaging for all-year-round ranges, or seasonal gift sets.


Lightweight, moulded packaging protects products from soaps and luxury bath sets, to advent calendars and seasonal jams, crackers and biscuit selections.


UK sourced fully traceable recycled material is manufactured on a closed-loop water system reducing water and energy consumption.  The widely recycled packaging inserts are manufactured from up to 90% recycled plastic to minimise environmental impact.

RPET retail ready packaging
Burt's Bees interior packaging

The Charpak WOW


Our protective and presentation packaging is delivered with the revolutionary level of environmental sustainability you expect from us.

Charpak sustainable premium beverages value added packaging

Sustainable packaging that doesn’t cost the earth

Charpak made from recycled plastic

Contact our technical experts, design engineers and packaging technologists on 01480 434 434 or to see how our award-winning team can help your business achieve its packaging and sustainability goals.

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