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Twist-Loc: innovative packaging at it’s best

With plastics and the environmental issues being a hot topic, there is no better time to invest in the most environmentally friendly packaging.


Charpak’s latest patented packing innovation Twist-Loc is a unique combination of an rPET lid and base that locks into place. Charpak’s remarkable locking device saves labelling and labour costs for retailers.  By using Twist-Loc customers no longer have to ‘tamper-evident’ label this robust packaging. The tamper-proof packaging ensures safety of product in retail, and is tough and resilient throughout transport and distribution.


Twist-Loc is perfect for eat-me-keep me packs for busy consumers wanting to keep product fresh for later.  Long shelf-life is guaranteed with the benefit of reducing food waste.  Simply add a watch strap for client branding and clear food labelling.


Using 95% recycled plastic throughout this packaging is widely recycled, and collected by UK household kerbside collections.


Originally launched into the Celebration Cakes market, Twist-Loc is a perfect solution for ambient cakes, desserts, snacks and food-on-the-go there is no better alternative to the black plastics so many products are packaged in.  Twist-Loc‘s clear packaging shows off your products in all their glory.  The pack sizes range from 100g to 1kg, flexible to suit clients requirements.


Justin Kempson, Sales & Innovation Director states:

“In our business, supplying high clarity plastic formings allows our customers to show off their fantastic products to their full potential.  We always task our designers with ‘thinking outside the box’.  Why hide stunning product inside a carton or box when you can use Twist-Loc to sell your product.”

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