Charpak design and manufacture products using an extensive range of plastic materials.


  • All materials Charpak use are produced from either recycled grade plastic, or are fully reusable or recyclable
  • Charpak mark all* manufactured products with the correct plastics recycling symbol to aid recycling (*with the exception of lids)
  • Charpak offer closed loop recycled materials – with 100% traceability of material. Charpak can control the product quality based on our clients’ requirement of plastic source
  • Charpak’s PET packaging contains 50% PCW (post consumer waste) and up to 40% PIW (post industrial waste).


Charpak manufacture packaging using PET, CPET, PP, HIPS.


Flocked materials and PVC are available on request.  Charpak do not advocate the use of PVC unless absolutely required by clients.  Charpak will be PVC FREE by the end of 2018.


Find out more about the types of PET on our PET Explained page or visit our FAQs.  


The plastic polymer material types are explained further below, with their common uses.

PET Polyethylene Terephthalate


PET forms the basis for the following types of plastics: rPET APET CPET Bio-PET.  For more information on Charpak’s PET packaging click here

PROPERTIES: PET is a clear, tough plastic, providing solvent resistant barrier to gas and moisture. PET softens at 80° and is best used for ambient and chilled products in food and non-food packaging.  PET is highly durable and lightweight.


PET is Widely recycled


CHARPAK PRODUCTS: Food packaging, pots, tubs and containers, transit trays, plastic trays, presentation packaging, lids, automotive parts, electronic and electrical packaging, SOT trays, food-to-go packaging, snack pots, salad trays, meat trays, cake packaging, clam packs, blister packs and more.

Recycle rPET plastic packaging

PP Polypropylene


PROPERTIES: PP is a hard and flexible material and with a waxy surface. PP softens at 140°C and offers a high performance particularly for food packaging. Recyclable


CHARPAK PRODUCTS: Moulds and microwaveable products

PS Polystyrene


PROPERTIES: PS is lightweight packaging material and provides good water resistance and durability.  PS is hard, stiff, transparent and brittle. PS helps keep dry and wet food products fresher for longer minimising food waste.


Easily thermoformable into multiple shapes, PS is available in a variety of thickness of micron.  Whilst technically recyclable PS is not widely collected in UK household kerbside collections. 


CHARPAK PRODUCTS: Tearable moulds, confectionery trays, and chocolate packaging

PVC Polyvinyl Chloride


PROPERTIES: PVC-P is plasticised PVC and is flexible, clear and elastic.  Charpak manufacture in PVC, though only manufacture when a client specifies PVC is required.


CHARPAK PRODUCTS: Some clam packs and market specific heat sealed trays are manufactured from PVC.


As a non-environmentally friendly packaging material Charpak do not advocate the use of PVC.  For alternative material solutions Charpak’s Technical Team can make recommendations to alternative materials. Charpak will be PVC FREE by the end of 2018.

OTHER Often Polycarbonate or ABS


PROPERTIES: All other resins that are not classified in the categories 1-6 are referred to in this category.  The Other classification of plastic resin includes multi materials such as laminates and coated materials such as flocked plastics.


Properties are dependent on the particular plastic. Speak to the Charpak Technical Team for any materials that are required to be manufactured from Other plastics.  Commercially recyclable


USED FOR: Automotive and appliance components

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