M&S set a challenge to Charpak’s imaginative product packaging designers to find a manufacturing solution to develop a beautifully crafted premium party cake.


What is now commonplace in stores started with a blue sky idea session with Charpak and M&S’ packaging developers working through “We need to manufacture a “hidden centre” product on a scalable large quantity…. can you help with that?”


Charpak developed a range of creative design options, hand-machined custom-made prototypes and samples for NPD trials and rigorously tested a range of ovenable PP plastic moulds.  And the rest as they say is history.  The iconic Penguin Madeira Cake was a big hit over Christmas and ‘hidden centres’ in celebration cakes and party cakes are now commonplace.


Kate Robinson, the Technical Design Manager is proud of her team’s expertise:

“My team’s technical knowledge, and understanding of materials capabilities, means they can truly recommend the best solutions to our clients to match their manufacturing needs.”

Justin Kempson, Sales & Innovation Director adds:

“This manufacturing solution saved production costs as the cakes were baked in the 3D shapes instead of having to be hand-cut. The premium priced product was a top seller for M&S reaffirming their market leading position. We're delighted this cake was featured within M&S’ Christmas Food 2016 Campaign – which demonstrates what a truly innovative and inspiring product this is.”