Kiefel thermoforming machines

Charpak invests in state-of-the-art Kiefel machines

As part of Charpak’s expansion plans the company has invested in 2 further Kiefel KMD78 4-station machines. From early June 2017 the company produces up to an additional 100,000 units per day. Managing director, Paul Smith confirms


“These 2 purchases are part of our strategic plans to grow the business and increase our capacity re-affirming our position as the most innovative and responsive UK producer of bespoke packaging. We know our clients appreciate Charpak’s flexibility and agility to respond quickly to their packaging challenges; so adding an additional 100,000 units per day means we continue to strengthen our industry-leading service delivery claim.”


Charpak received delivery of a second Kiefel KMD78 machine in September 2017. The additional Kiefel machines support Charpak’s expansion plans adding up to an additional 200,000 units per day.  This additional capacity supports Charpak’s commitment to deliver to clients on-time-in-full in the most responsive lead times.  Clients also benefit from increased more flexibility and agility to support just-in-time stock systems calling off repeat orders.