Designing for the environment

Charpak is committed to environmentally friendly business practices to minimise environmental impact. Charpak design products for maximum recyclability (where end use allows).  End of life considerations during the design and production process include closed loop recycling or secondary home use.


  • Charpak’s target is zero waste to landfill with current operations at 95% recyclability.
  • Internal policies ensure all internal waste is segregated to maximise waste recycling of the company’s internal waste.


Electricity:  Charpak uses modern state-of-the-art energy efficient machines, which are also downpowered when not in use. The Charpak vision is to install solar panels to generate and store power, and use the power to minimise power drawn from the grid.


Water: The cooling water system for manufacturing all operate within a closed loop system. This ensures minimum water usage with reuse, saving natural resources.


Carton board / Packing Boxes: Packaging is supplied to customers in FSC® Certified Packaging approved cardboard outer boxes. 71% of the box is made from recycled content.


Storage and distribution pallets are 100% recycled. Any pallets unfit for use are sent to a third party for reuse. Uses include being shredded for playgrounds, chipped or sawdust for animal bedding.


  • Charpak recommends recycled plastic first time, every time* (*where end use allows)
  • Charpak encourages packaging reduction. Packaging reduction is positive for the environment and our business.
  • Charpak is committed to protecting the environment, minimising use of fossil fuels and protecting natural raw material resources.
  • Charpak maximises every use of recycled and recyclable material.
  • Recyclate in single use plastics is generally sourced from plastic bottle scrap.
  • 75% of Charpak’s materials are UK sourced*. [* Source: Charpak Raw Materials: Jan-Dec 2017]


Charpak’s stringent environmental standards requires all suppliers to be BRC, ISO and FSC approved.  This ensures the company’s strict environmental and ethical standards are committed to throughout Charpak’s value supply chain.