Sustainable Packaging Success

As a Founding Member of The UK Plastics Pact, Charpak Ltd are actively involved in the systematic change of this world-first initiative to transform the plastic packaging system.  We are ensuring that packaging is recyclable, and recycled – working collaboratively with our clients, NGOs, Local Authorities and industry associations.  Charpak is committed to providing more sustainable packaging solutions that minimise environmental impact.  The Reduce, Reuse and Recycle hierarchy is part of our corporate ethos and DNA.


Not only do we reduce the amount of plastic used, we design and manufacture recyclable packaging, which is manufactured from up to 90% recycled plastic.


In the last 12 months alone, the Charpak team are proud of our Top 10 achievements.  We have:


  1. Launched the UK’s first localised circular economy and reduced the amount of plastic to landfill. Cambridgeshire’s plastic waste is collected, re-processed and re-manufactured into new packaging from the recycled resource
  2. Been chosen by The University of Cambridge to be their case study company for their circular economy Elimination of Plastic Waste research project
  3. Achieved a 99.2% recycling and recovery rate as part of our commitment to become a zero-waste company
  4. Become a PVC free company in 2018
  5. Launched ‘Twist-Loca new 100% recyclable container. Manufactured from up to 90% recycled plastic, this new packaging tub can replace up to 24 million non-recycled packaging tubs that are sold every year in UK retail.
  6. Designed and produced new packaging solutions for brands, retailers, commerce and industry, transport and logistics which reduce the number of lorries on the road, which decreases CO2 emissions
  7. Developed a comprehensive series of FAQs that help our customers’ make better decisions when selecting their chosen packaging for less environmentally impactful packaging.
  8. Welcomed community and school groups for Charpak familiarisation education days to help them understand why plastic packaging, make better choices, and show them how Charpak reduces plastic waste, reuses it and then recycles it into new packaging.
  9. Been filmed and featured on BBC Look East and Sky News as part of our drive to help consumers understand packaging and to help them ‘recycle more, and better’ at work, school and home.
  10. Been awarded the accolade of SME of the Year at the UK Packaging Awards for our ambitious actions, and drive towards achieving sustainability in packaging.


The UK Plastics Pact is leading a global wave of change in the way we make, use, re-use and dispose of plastic. Here at Charpak we will continue to strive to help our customers make better packaging choices, and continue to tackle plastics pollution and reduce the impact on the environment.


Charpak are pleased to be a leader in the packaging industry, and part of the UK’s model for change.  This model is being replicated in other countries to form a powerful global movement as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative.  You can read more in our Sustainable Solutions to the Plastics Packaging Problem whitepaper report here.