Charpak’s Core Values

Charpak’s core values are the pillars of our business:


As a family-owned business we believe we should all stand for something special.  There should be core values which we all hold dear, whatever role we have.


We have not arrived at these by chance – a significant number of our work colleagues contributed to identifying what they felt made us who we are.  We have set out in our Charpak Charter the behaviours we expect from each other and which we hope will be reciprocated by all our business partners and stakeholders.


These values and behaviours have taken Charpak from small beginnings to a fast growing multi-million pound business.  We plan to grow further and invest more in our business.  If we seek to live out what is embodied in our Charpak Charter, by being of service to all who we work with, we believe we will set the highest standards of excellence.


Success will come from doing the right thing consistently and persistently as we pursue our vision to be:  “The UK’s premium thermoformed packaging company”.


  • Our Employees
  • Safety & Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Investment in the Future