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Circular Economy Plastic packaging

  Investing heavily in new materials development over the last 12 months, Charpak continues to manufacture widely recycled packaging from a minimum of 75% recycled PET, some of which includes the local circular economy recycled resources.  When more packaging is recycled because consumers believe and trust that it is re-used, we will have access to more circular resource, and contribute even greater to reducing packaging (and...

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Charpak HouseOfLords Plastics Sustainability Vision

The Automotive Team were invited to the prestigious Summer Reception at the House of Lords on Tuesday 18th June 2019.   In his element with his advanced engineering peers, Niall Johanson, Automotive Lead, spent the time networking with key decision-makers and Automotive industry leaders having animated discussions about the Charpak collaborative approach with the OEMs, and each tier of the supply chain.  They were energised about the...

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