Charpak HouseOfLords Plastics Sustainability Vision

Charpak takes its vision of plastics sustainability to Parliament

The Automotive Team were invited to the prestigious Summer Reception at the House of Lords on Tuesday 18th June 2019.


In his element with his advanced engineering peers, Niall Johanson, Automotive Lead, spent the time networking with key decision-makers and Automotive industry leaders having animated discussions about the Charpak collaborative approach with the OEMs, and each tier of the supply chain.  They were energised about the bespoke packaging solutions Charpak offer which achieve cost savings and manufacturing efficiencies throughout the complex manufacturing and in-transit processes, in addition to solving many environmental challenges.


What gathered particular interest from the attendees was that they weren’t aware this type of innovative automotive packaging solutions were already available.


Not only manufactured from recycled plastics to minimise the drain on global resources, the Charpak returnable, recyclable and closed-loop packaging (designed in-house) is manufactured on state-of-the-art thermoforming machinery on a closed-loop water system.  This demonstrates how seriously the company addresses all their operations to reduce their carbon footprint even further.


The House of Lords guests were impressed by how the company understands every element of the automotive JIT/JIS global supply chain and seamless operations; as Charpak solve similar challenges for their food and beverage manufacturers and the UK retail supply chain.


One, unnamed guest even shared with Niall’s colleague, Amanda Melesi


“The combination of Niall Johanson’s 3 decades of expertise in advanced automotive engineering, added to Charpak’s 30 years technical and packaging expertise is a match made in heaven. ”


The lightweight packaging solves a multitude of supply chain challenges which cannot be solved by using standardised and expendable packaging:


  • it’s humidity resistant
  • gives extra protection particularly for sensitive electronics and critical components
  • the bespoke designs improve in-process efficiencies through less manual handling.


With far less warehouse and storage capacity required, the just-in-sequence operations are just the tip of the iceberg of the solutions the company offers.


By replacing non-recyclable or expendable packaging such as bubble wrap and foam the stackable packaging not only reduces wastage, and damage, the packaging is reusable; and then recyclable for re-manufacture again and again.



Charpak automotive circular packaging loop

The overall feedback from the Reception was very positive with industry welcoming the


“forward-thinking approach which obviously stems from Niall designing racecars and winning championships from his teenage years onwards.”


Amanda Melesi, attending with Niall Johanson, summarised the exclusive event


“It was a real pleasure to be in the room engaging with the industry experts, sharing and exchanging information, joining such a fabulous celebration and special dinner.”






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