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Automotive protective packaging

Fresh solutions for the automotive industry   Alloy wheel protectors allow vehicles to be taken from production line to dealers without any damage.  Charpak’s original solution to this avoidable risk and expense was to devise a reusable alloy wheel and rim protector.   The protective wheel covers allow new vehicles to be driven at low speeds and prevents the common causes of scratches and damage often associated with vehicle...

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Niall Johanson automotive engineer

Charpak is pleased to welcome Niall Johanson to head up its burgeoning business in the automotive sector and within complex manufacturing supply chains.   Niall’s vast experience is well known in the industry from Formula One and throughout general automotive.  Niall’s 2 decades of expertise comes from working for and alongside Peugeot-Citroen, Renault and others, especially within high-performance engineering, Formula One and World Rally.   Niall’s enthusiasm for clever...

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